Friday, July 4, 2014

Day Eight - Daun to Stratford ... WE MADE IT!!

Well, there was never any doubt ... really!!  We arrived back in Straford this evening to a rousing reception, at least the dog was pleased to see us.  

For the first time this week Angela was up first and had even packed the car (!) so we were ready to leave pretty well on time for our return Channel Tunnel booking.  

Given the blue smoke from yesterday we set off a bit tentatively at first just to make sure all was well.  After a run and oil level checks all seemed as normal but this left us a bit tight for time so Angela was on a mission to get us to the tunnel before last check in ... if the Boxster was expecting a quieter day after being hurled around the 'Ring then it was to be disappointed.  The usual delays around Brussels made this seem like an impossible task, but she did it with seconds to spare ... not even time to grab a drink before boarding!!

En route at each stop for fuel/coffee we bumped into one of the UK contingent so there was a good sense of camaraderie - on the tunnel we were nose-to-tail with another UK Porsche so we compared notes and experiences from the day before (Angela was enthralled ... Not!)

Back on home soil we then only had the Friday afternoon rush hour to contend with!!  Hold ups on the M25 meant we has to go the long way round ... given the distances we have travelled over the past week this part of the journey just seemed to drag.  We finally pulled up on the drive having driven precisely 3,250 miles on the trip.

And so our adventure ends.  We have photos and loads of video which I will sort out and post links for those who are interested and have nothing better to do!  Thank you for joining us on this adventure, but for now it's goodbye, au revoir, arrivederci, auf Wiedersehen.

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