Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day Six - St Moritz to Daun

I woke early to a miserable, rainy St Moritz, a bit of a change to recent days!  I had intended to get up and out and drive a couple of local passes before breakfast but the lure of a couple more hours under the cosy duvet was too great!!  (Needless to say I would have been on my own as wild horses would not have been able to drag Angela out of bed at that time of the morning!)

And so it was then that after a leisurely breakfast we headed off on what was basically a get from Point A to Point B day.  That didn't stop us squeezing one more pass in on the way so the Julienpass also gets crossed off the list.

Angela drove the majority of the eight hours today, some of it in really atrocious weather - at times a boat would have been a better bet.  Slowly the weather cleared until by the time we reached the Stuttgart area of Germany it was bright sunshine and 28 deg C.  The top came down and, you guessed it, Angela had a change of clothes!

We arrived in Daun to plan by which time a fair number of the British contingent were already in the bar! There's some quite serious machinery here that will leave us for dead on the track!

So, driver's briefing completed and helmets sorted (no, Angela, they don't come in pink!) we're all set for an exciting, safe and enjoyable day on the famous Nurburgring tomorrow.

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