Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day Five - Alpine Passes

Anyone who knows Angela will understand when I say she is not at her best in the mornings!  This week has therefore been a bit of a challenge to get her up and ready to leave in line with what she describes as my "relentless schedule"!!  So this morning I took pity on her and let her wake at her own pace which meant by the time we were ready to leave half the day had gone!

This, along with the fact we got a little bit lost, meant we had to cut short our planned ten-pass tour to get back in time for dinner but nevertheless we can cross Umbrail, Stelvio (twice, up and down), Ofenpass, DeFoppa, DiGavia and DelBernini off the list.  While the weather was mixed (on DeFoppa we drove into the clouds) the scenery was simply stunning - we have lots of photos to bore you all with!  Next time (if there IS a next time!) I must allow more time to appreciate the view.

Despite this being our lowest mileage day by far we're both cream crackered so I'll leave it there.  Until tomorrow ....

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