Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day Five: Zell Am See to Samnaun

The day dawned bright and sunny (and warm!) as we set off on, what is for us, just a short hop from Austria to Switzerland.  With time on our hands we took a scenic route though the mountains rather than head straight for the autobahns.

We stopped off at Krimml Waterfalls, the highest in Europe and fifth highest in the world!  

We walked to the foot of the waterfalls and it was an impressive sight.  However not content with that, Angela says "take a photo of me at the top of those rocks" with which she was off, barefoot, clambering over rocks in a most unladylike fashion!  She finally made it but can you see her!  

Where's Angela? (answer tomorrow)

I have to say my heart was in my mouth on more than one occasion but she made it back safely.

We continued our journey along the Gerlos Alpenstrasse with some beautiful scenery along the way.

A couple of hours down the autobahn and we were in Switzerland to a very different type of scenery ... and weather!  When we arrived this was the view from our balcony

This evening we were treated to a lightning display with torrential rain. The forecast is for more of the same tomorrow but at least it's a lot cooler!

Angela's Postcript

...unladylike, what is he on about, I was a svelte deer deftly prancing across the boulders, in my mind I was a woman who was a professional rock climber in her youth who still had the knowledge and skill to easily climb a few stones!!! (well I watched Becky rock climbing at Cheddar Gorge once!)...rewind for a moment back to yesterday...the room was a little small and 'tired' however the bed was comfy, the breakfast delicious and the view fantastic...the shower was something from Alice in Wonderland though, there was no room for bending down so hairy legs today!!...Austria smells of new mown meadows, warm pine wood and cow poo...the cuisine is basic and they over cook meat...its a bit too rural for me...back to today, I saw some awesome lightning whilst driving (Andy was having a nap, he thinks I won't notice if he has his sunglasses on), the apartment is fab, clean, fresh, modern, a slightly larger shower and a balcony...had a delicious supper in town (beef tartare & truffle risotto) and guess what, its shopping heaven! Duty free...I'm off to buy some Lacroix daaaaaarling :-)

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