Friday, July 24, 2015

Day Seven: "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of .....!!!

I'll spare you my singing (which anybody who has heard me sing will tell you is a blessing) but today we walked in the footsteps of the Von Trapp family from that well loved musical 'Sound of Music' - we walked across the Alps from Austria into Switzerland!

OK - maybe that makes it sound a bit more than it really was.  Truth is we rode the ski lifts from just outside our hotel in Samnoun (Switzerland) to Ischgl (Austria) and back again.  But, as this involved five different ski lifts, we had to walk between them so we did walk some of the way!

The views were simply stunning - hard to grasp the scale of the place.

The chairlifts were a new experience for Angela - at first she wasn't sure about getting on or off 'on the move', but after the first one she loved it and there was no stopping her so what started as a trip up to the top became a trek across the mountains!

At the summit there was still some snow lying around even though it was surprisingly mild.  Angela couldn't resist jumping into it with both feet!

And of course, with so many rocks around, she couldn't resist going for a climb though I managed to persuade her not to go too far this time.

As we returned a storm was approaching, just as forecast (they got it right pretty well to the minute!).  By this time we were on our way down to the car park so there wasn't much else to do - except GO SHOPPING!

Angela's Postscript

...hah, rock climbing indeed, I wanted to borrow a mountain bike from one of the lovely Lycra clad boys and cycle down the mountains!...I had the most delicious black Forrest gateaux at the top of the mountain...going up and down mountains plays havoc with the gas inside your body, I fear I may just pop if I stay here much longer!!....early night tonight, apparently I have to drive for 9 or 10 hours tomorrow and he wants to get up at dawn, seriously??!...Andy doesn't seem too keen on my plans to return to the Alps next year in the Porsche with 2 bikes strapped to the back and Bustaaar, cycling around mountains with a crazyass dog (try to imagine him on the ski lift) isn't his idea of a fun holiday! 🐺

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