Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day Six: Alpine Passes

Contrary to the forecasts the day dawned bright and sunny, and pleasantly warm!  It was so nice we breakfasted on the terrace - a lovely way to start the day.


Today we retraced some of our 'Alpine Tour' route from last year, driving the Stelvio and Bernina passes again, but we added some new ones we didn't have time to do last year; Passo Di Foscagno, Forcola di Livigno and Finstermunzpass.  Highlight (or should that be lowpoint!) of the day was being pulled over by the Italian Police for a routine check!  They'd obviously never seen one of the old-style UK Driving Licences, one officer said they didn't see many British visitors at all!  Anyway, after a few anxious minutes and checks on the radio we were sent on our way.  Phew!


At the top of the Stelvio Pass
As we headed back to our hotel the heavens opened while poor Angela was driving yet again!  Needless to say a bit of rain didn't put her off her game, in fact a LOT of rain didn't put her off her game, so we arrived safely to once more sit on the balcony and watch the thunder and lightning and torrential rain (I know you can't watch thunder but hey, a bit of artistic licence here).

For dinner Angela ordered a Cheese Fondue - lovely but oh so filling!

We had the roof open all day (no, not when raining) and while I wore a cap (I'm no fool!) Angela didn't.  I seem to recall her saying she didn't get sunburnt!!

Angela's Postscript

Who poured petrol on my forehead and set it alight ... Got sea sick on the Stelvio Pass ... mmmm, cheese fondue

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