Monday, July 20, 2015

Day Three: Strasbourg to Zell Am See

Today turned out to be a rather uneventful run from France, through Germany and into Austria, which was just what we wanted!

I had planned to take a slightly circuitous route to avoid the main congestion hot spots around Munich but in the end we decided to plough on as TomTom assured us the delays weren't too bad, and he was proved right yet again.

As the Autobahns were pretty busy we didn't get many chances to give the Porsche a good run.  I found an empty stretch and touched 145mph, still well short of the 170mph rated top speed.  Generally we were able to run at an effortless 100mph keeping pace with the rest of the traffic.

We were treated to some lovely scenery as we approached our destination, the forecast clouds and rain absent once again!

The hotel is at the end of our very own twisting Alpine Pass.  To say the room is 'bijou' (AKA small!) would be an understatement but the place is certainly full of character!

Angela's Postscript

Hoorah! It is hot in the mountains too ... very peaceful and quiet and beautiful ... I only had the courage to go 125mph on the Autobahn, I closed my eyes when Andy was going really fast!

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