Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day Eighteen: Treignac

Well, it looks like I've got over the tummy bug or whatever it was that made me unwell last night. Or maybe it was just the heat! As even Angela conceded it got very hot yesterday just nudging 40C and even one of my GoPro cameras shut down protesting "Too Hot"!

To finish off my post from yesterday, here's a few pictures from Carcassonne ....

En route we stopped at a vineyard and sampled the various wines on offer

Someone got into the swing of it pretty quickly!

Our hotel is a simple affair but with stunning views from the room across the lake

Last night we had a huge storm with torrential rain which has (thankfully) bought an end to the high temperatures - we awoke to a cool, overcast morning, lovely! It warmed up during the day but only to the mid-20's. I was still feeling a bit 'fragile' so we spent the day relaxing around the hotel. We popped out for lunch and found a little rural cafe where the proprietor could not understand what we were asking for so proceeded to teach us the correct pronunciation of our French!

Tomorrow we head for the last stop on our tour, Paris.

Angela's Postscript

...he seems to have recovered now, he has all his electrical devices around him and is planning the next two days with precision!!!

I've had a relaxing day catching up on my reading and watching a documentary film about Nina Simone...

..we went to the same restaurant as last night and I had local trout (no this is not going to be my new nickname either!) and I demonstrated to Andy how to remove the flesh from the fish whilst leaving the skeleton intact, he wasn't impressed, he says that he expected me to be able to the amount of fish I eat (I had to explain that a Filet-o-Fish off of Mackies just isn't the same!

....I think I've worked out why France is closed...they are all hiding behind the shutters in their houses because no-one has told them the occupation is over...'allo 'allo!!!!


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