Monday, August 3, 2015

Day Seventeen: Carcassonne to Treignac

Well today went pretty well as planned - thankfully! No more mega holdups at those flaming toll booths, but it was HOT! More of that later.

We had a relaxed start to the day, vacating our room and heading into Carcassonne itself for breakfast where an old guy in a brasserie, who couldn't speak a word of English, did everything he could to make us welcome - lovely chap! Then a gentle stroll around town to do a bit of shopping - just one minor flaw in this plan, all the shops were closed! Those that looked like they might eventually open would do so after lunch; many looked like they would never open! Strange way to make a living.

There are some great photo opportunities in towns like this and Carcassonne was no exception.

*****Andy has come over all unnecessary (he claims it's the heat) so I shall take over and he can post script with pictures tomorrow****

...for the past few days we have been transported back in time to the 1980's with the hotel decor! Do you remember corner baths?!!! Having said that the B&B we are staying at tonight is immaculately clean and freshly painted albeit in garish colours! Andy does not like not having aircon but i am loving the warm room with the windows OPEN...the proprietor cannot do enough for us and has already shared his movie and pictures of a Porsche rally that was in the area recently...we have just had a delicious meal at a nearby Brasserie, which hopefully we will visit again tomorrow if Andy is feeling better (he didn't manage to eat much tonight)...

...the weather was as predicted and Andy watched in horror as the car thermometer rose to a high of 39 degrees (even I found that a little excessive and was glad of the car aircon - but keep that between us and don't tell Andy)...the majority of the day was spent on motorways but it was a leisurely drive and we stopped at a winery en route, tasted some wine and bought a case...

...and why is France always shut? when do they eat, shop, socialise, do anything??? is there a secret code to use a back or underground entrance? for the interesting stuff...two mornings ago (at dawn) I was rudely awoken (more than once) by Andy's left arm crashing down on my head, the first time I asked nicely if he would mind "moving your arm darling" but by the third (may have been more) time I was not happy and shouted "STOP F***ING HITTING ME!" needless to say this did the trick and the beating was over....that night I decided to take measures to prevent being battered by Mr Car Park Barrier Arm and strategically placed myself further down the bed, the plan worked, although it was quiet difficult watching netflix on the ipad with his arm going down and up between my face and the ipad...bless!

...Emily and I have been calling Andy "Monsieur Andre le Plage" a very romantic way of saying Andy Beach we think, makes him sound very suave...anyway, today as we were travelling through the Limousin region I educated him in the local bovine breed and pointed out a few herds in the fields, he said "Le Limousin, maybe we should call you that" yeah, good one Andy, I love being referred to as the big GINGER COW! maybe not!


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