Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day Nineteen: Treignac to Paris

As it's been a fairly uneventful day today I thought I'd start with one of the photos taken of us on Day Six by FotoStelvio. As the name suggests they position themselves on the Stelvio Pass, take your picture which you can then buy on line. What a nice looking car! What a good looking couple!! Anyway ....

Today we rose to a sunny and warm (but not too warm) morning overlooking the lake, breakfasted basking in the sunshine then jumped into the "air conditioned ice box" that is our car according to Angela. She even started singing Buddy Holly's "Raining In My Heart" but with the lyrics "Freezing in My Car".

We hit the road and made very good time arriving in Paris just about on schedule. Neither the motorways nor the infamous Paris Périphérique (one of the busiest roads in Europe) were that busy. We even found our hotel without any difficulty (thanks TomTom). However that's where it all went wrong!

While the hotel had our room booking they claimed to have no record of us booking any car parking. As I had booked all our hotels through, and all the others had the booking details correctly, I was sure it was not operator error. So I did what any good, proud Englishman would have done, I stood my ground, spoke LOUDER AND S L O W E R until they understood I was not going to stay here without car parking! Fortunately they had a partner hotel just 'round the corner' where they had rooms AND car parking! The fact it was a 4* where we had booked a 3*, and we were getting it at the same price, sweetened the deal!

So here is our Parisian view - a bit of a change from the lovely lakeside!

Tomorrow we're hopping on/off/on/... the open top bus for a trip around the sights - how very Stratford!!

Angela's Postscript

..where has all the time gone???...boring driving today, nothing much to see, had a nice lentil, pasta and smoked salmon salad lunch from the motorway cafe and bought some biscuits for my midnight snack!

..hotel is Peruvian themed (has some scary looking Igwanas in a tank in reception, Andy asked if they were to eat like when you choose your fish/lobster - hmmmm) as Andy still has a delicate tummy we didn't eat the spicy tapas in the hotel tonight but I did have a couple of cocktails before we went out...

..the bed is enormous!...the shower is also big and the room has 'mood' lighting, which is very pretty but sounds like a loud microwave...the TV doesn't like us and switches itself off, we couldn't get it to work and tried to call reception to help but all the phone numbers are on the TV, which doesn't work!...for the third establishment in a row the sink plug doesn't work either...c'est la vie!

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