Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day Sixteen: Carcassonne

As I mentioned yesterday we have a lovely room overlooking the restaurant courtyard, full of character ranging from the medieval to the 21st Century ... it'll be really nice when they've finished it!

The Auberge des Lices is best known for its restaurant so we booked a table last night, just under the windows to our room, and we were not dissapointed. Seven, yes seven, courses, all of them delicious. Along with a bottle of champagne it was all we could do to crawl upstairs to our room. Apparently I fell alseep the instant my head hit the pillow.

Today we roamed the cobbled streets of Le Cité, enjoying the bazaar-like nature of the many shops and cafes


We ventured up onto the castle ramparts and stepped back in time to those medieval days of sieges and conquests

We had a good view of the city of Carcassonne from the ramparts but Angela was not content with seeing it from afar, oh no, we had to trudge down the hill to get a better view of the old city and castle

As they say, what goes down must come up so we duly trudged back up the hill (after a couple of beers!) by which time I was knackered and in need of some serious refreshment ...

We rounded off the day before dinner with a trip round the outside of the castle, this time thankfully NOT on Shank's Pony but a different form of equine-propelled transport

And finally a visit into the Basilica we can see from our room

Tomorrow we head north to a lakeside hotel in Treignac. I do plan on taking a diversion en route but I'm sure this is one that Angela WILL approve of, via a vineyard!

Angela's Postscript

Complete opposite to the quiet villa...busy, bustling city, we were serenaded at dinner by Supertramp who were the finale of the music festival being held in the amphitheatre close by and I was lullabied to sleep by the club (Andy was sooooo exhausted after the meal he cannot remember coming to bed, I didn't even get a kiss goodnight before he was snoring away!)....however....

...he bought me a beautiful pair of heart earings and matching ring (awwwww) coz he loves me....or could it have been to distract me from making him walk around the entire city wall?

Lovely and hot and sunny (34 degrees ish), Andy is hoping that as we move inland the weather will become cooler! Well have I got news for him, the forecast for Clermont-Ferrand tomorrow is 37!



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