Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day Twenty: Paris

Well, we've almost reached the end of our 2015 adventure. We're sitting here in the balmy evening with lots going on all around us awaiting our dinner. Angela wanted to try the hotel's Peruvian restaurant (really?) but (un)fortunately it had closed so we're going Italian! (There was a Tibetian restaurant open next door but we didn't fancy that as, by their own admission, their menu was Yak!)

Today was all about 'Divebomb Tourism' on the Open Bus Tour. We were planning to get off at a couple of locations but they were so busy we thought better of it so, while we swapped between different routes, once we had our seats we stayed on the bus. So from the top deck we saw ...

Musée du Louvre

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

L'Arc de Triomphe

La tour Eiffel

It's flippin big when you get up close!

La Seine

There's a quaint custom where lovers lock a padlock to a bridge over the Seine and throw the key into the river as a sign of their undying love (no, we didn't!) ....

And much more besides. We did eventually get off the bus for lunch and strolled back across the river and through the Louvre - it was mayhem with all the tourists getting in the way, just like Stratford on a Saturday afternoon!

I'm also pleased to report the temperature has picked up once again, back into the 30's and sunny. I wore a hat all day, Angela didn't .... (rewind to Day Six!)

Tomorrow we head for home :-( Leaving the weekend clear before going back to work seemed like a good idea at the time, but now?

Angela's Postscript

...I do NOT have a sunburnt head Mr numb bum! Who would have though he would moan about sitting down too long!...we had booked on the night bus tour but Andy has had quite enough of buses for one year so we relaxed in our room instead...

...the buildings in Paris are beautiful, but after you've seen the first 500 they all start to look the same! The bus tour was not quite as good as others I have been on, the audio comentary was hillarious, a man and a woman talking over each other and dialogue ending just as you get to the....and pointing out buildings at the wrong time on the wrong side of the road!!!

..long day tomorrow, lots of driving, probably loads of traffic jams and queues, people and crying kids...the joy of holidays :)


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