Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day Fifteen: St Tropez to Carcassonne

It was an early start this morning to get the kids off to the airport but to their credit they were ready to go before time. Needless to say after a week of fun and frolicking there was a trail of debris so Angela and I spent the next two hours clearing everything up.

While it was hard to leave The Villa behind it was made a bit easier by the overcast skies and spots of rain! With storms forecast for later it looks like we timed it just right. :-)

The drive to Carcassonne was another test of endurance due once again to the volume of traffic and the dreaded toll booths! The four hour journey on paper took us nearly eight! Good job I didn't plan any diversions!!

So here we are in the old city which was one of our stops on the 2014 tour, only this time we have a full day to explore the city instead of one hour! We're not at the same hotel (our budget wouldn't stretch that far this year) but we have a really nice room above a popular restaurant overlooking the Basilique Saint-Nazaire.

Angela's Postscript
...soooo tired! .... The drive was relentless (Andy found my pile of chuppa lolly wrappers and sticks under the drivers seat, oooops!)...remember the episode of Tom and Jerry when he had to hold his eyelids open with match sticks?...Andy slept the first half of last night and I slept the second so between us we had a good sleep! ... missing my babies already....we are staying within the old city walls, above a restaurant opposite the club Emma and I spent a night in six years ago (I may slip him a couple of sleeping tabs and party the night away) ... will take Andy shopping for shiney things tomorrow! :-)

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