Sunday, August 7, 2016

...and they all went into the ark, just to get out of the rain...

... 2 dresses, 2 stripey tops, 2 t-shirts, 2 tankinis (Andy got very excited about these as he thought they were going to be a female version of a mankini, alas no my love they are to keep one covered up!)...

I opened my eyes and there it was on the sunroof (it's a hatch!) RAIN, oh nooooooooo! Good job Bustaaar and me got our sunbathing done yesterday, but a quick check on BBC weather assured me it was going to brighten up by lunchtime so I stuck to my original clothing plan of tankini and shorts and after an hour of messing about and drinking coffee I meandered up to the facilities and had a shower...I rate Shamrock Quay Marina toilets and showers 9.5 out of 10, I have knocked off half a point for the lack of storage within the shower for toiletries and although they always have a large bouquet of fresh flowers (including lilies, my favourite) they don't top up or change the water in the vase so I do this when we are here, much to Andys amusement (I'm sure someone will catch me at it one day and mistake me for a cleaner and ask me to clean the loo for them).

Today we are entertaining guests, friends Emma, Paul and Freddie (aged 3 next month). They made good time from Northants, getting stuck in only one queue a couple of miles from home, petrol heads going to Silverstone! and were with us at 11.30. We had a bit of a chat and some Prosecco and by the time we set sail (figuratively speaking as we are a motor cruiser not a sail boat) the sun was shining.

We had a pootle round to see the cruise liners and big cargo ships, Freddie and Bustaaar got lots of smiles and waves from passing 'sailors' then we headed out to Hamble. It was a bit windy so the ride was a bit bumpy but everyone managed to stay dry apart from me! I'm sure Andy drove into the wind or waves or something so the sea came in bucket loads, good job I had my Tankini on! Bustaaar was quite vocal when we were close to the Marina announcing our arrival and calling everyone to gather round to watch us dock, no pressure then, thanks Bust!

We walked into Hamble and had a delicious late pub lunch relaxing outside under a massive umbrella being serenaded by a 'boy' with a guitar, he was fantastic, played popular songs from all eras/artists in a rockabilly style, Paul said he was 15, # amazing! We filled up with fuel on the way home OUCH! and had a nice cup of tea back in Southampton before our guests disembarked and we waved them goodbye.

Andy and I had a light supper as the sun set and afterwards discovered that every muscle in our bodies aches and all of our joints have seized up, my iFit told me I have walked 19,984 steps today and burned 3000 calories, I KNOW!

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