Sunday, August 14, 2016

...homeward bound!

I forgot to mention, the other day Capt Cook took the chart plotter apart and fixed it so he was happy and we are fully functional again...

...nothing exciting to report for Saturday, we took the dog for a walk along the seafront to Baywatch Cafe for lunch (Andy had a bacon and brie baguette, I had smoked haddock fish cakes and Bustaaar had the little dog who tried to sniff his bottom!) It was a gloriously hot afternoon so we relaxed on the boat, reading and sunbathing...the marina (Duvers) was as predicted very busy, and we watched and listened to the new comers arriving and were reassured that actually we're pretty good 'sailors!

In the evening we made a round trip using the river taxi from our 'front door' (stern diving platform to be precise) to Bembridge village and had supper at the Pilot Boat Inn, a pub which has had the facia made to look like a ship.

We were rudely awoken at 6am this morning by the carbon monoxide detector fluffing beeping (can't he buy anything that doesn't beep?), Andy shot out of bed like is backside was on fire, opened all the hatches and portholes to let out the noxious fumes and some fresh sea air in, my priority was different though, switch that bloody annoying beeping thing off, NOW! anyway, Andy did both within 2 mins and established that the fumes were coming from the rib moored behind us, for some reason they thought it was ok to run the two 250 hp V6 engines for 10 minutes before they set off, grrrrrr...these were the same guys who woke us up at midnight 'talking' loudly whilst they were fumbling around trying to find their sleeping bags by torchlight, I mean, 4 fully grown men sleeping in a rib, how does that work? Maybe it doesn't  that's why they were off so early?

I was fully awake by then and ordered coffee from room service who said 'really? you're not going back to sleep?' of course not, once I'm awake I'm when I awoke at 10 the marina was mayhem, where did all those noisy kids come from? there were millions of them!...Columbus and I had a quick discussion (over the now reheated coffee, I was still in bed) and we decided to leave Bembridge and circumnavigate the...island...and, at lightening speed, we closed up and were underway within the hour (I didn't even have time to brush my teeth!)..Many thanks to Gordon (the Harbour Master), Zac (The Poser) and all the guys at the marina who were helpful and friendly and made our stay a joyful one, we will see you again next season!

The journey around the east coast of the island was calm, quiet, sunny and warm, ideal conditions for a cruise.  I said it was nice without the traffic but Andy misheard and though I had said fabric and was referring to the sail boats, he loved this and has decided that's what he is going to call them from now on.

As usual the Solent was quite busy but we made it home safe without any problems and so we are back on our nice and quite mooring, there was no-one else in the immediate vicinity, Blue C came back late in the afternoon but her owner has washed her down and gone home so its just us and the seagulls...Bustaaar has gone to sleep, I have ordered some dresses to arrive at the marina before we head out to Dartmoor on Tuesday, come on you didn't think I could really last with so few clothes did you? and Andy is doing man things...

...tomorrow we will clean the boat and pack the car and that will be the end of our first nautical holiday, not quite as planned but sometimes its best to just go with the flo and keep your plans fluid! I shall sign off now (we won't be blogging next weeks sojourn) I'm sure Andy will have a footnote to pen but until then here are some pics from today...

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