Monday, August 8, 2016

Best Laid Plans ....

Well, Angela has retired for the evening so will do her blog piece in the morning but for all those waiting for an update on our exploits (OK Mom, just for you) .... we set off for our first port of call, Poole Quay, place of many childhood memories, en route to our overnight destination of Weymouth but only got as far as .... Yarmouth!
The weather forecast was looking OK so we set off, a bit later than planned to take advantage of tide and the improving forecast (nothing to do with Angela getting up really late - honest), but even so we met some rough sea conditions beyond The Needles so decided to turn and head for calmer waters - they do call it 'pleasure' boating after all!
I'm sure Angela will tell you about how bad the conditions felt from her and Buster's perspective, but from my seat it was also quite interesting! The problem with weather and the sea is that the sea conditions can be affected by weather many hundreds of miles away, so some poor weather over the North Atlantic has created big swells which came rolling up the English Channel, and it was these we were running over today. Some of the troughs between waves were pretty deep; we buried the bow in the oncoming waves a couple of times with a big surge of spray and water over the foredeck (or bonnet as Angela calls it!). Even with the full covers on we were getting wet! 
So we did the not-so-brave but sensible thing and turned around, and here we are ... in sunny Yarmouth, not quite the Med (or Weymouth!) but you could be fooled.

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